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Dinosaurs On Campus is an evening filled with short and powerful presentations, live music, book signing session and talks with international palaeontologists and dino enthusiasts about fossils and other wondrous animals from the Earth's geological past. If you are keen to talk to palaeontologists about the history of life, or if you have some questions about how to become a palaeontologist? These questions and many more will be happily answered by a strong team of top scientists, journalists and (Belgian) palaeontologists and earth scientists. Including:

Koen Stein

(Belgium's most sympathetic dino-expert and palaeontologist)

Harald Scheerlinck

(Journalist, dino enthusiast and author of 'Dino Mania')
Anthonie Hellemond

(Palaeontologist and president of Palaeontologica Belgica)
Christen 'Chris' Shelton

(Professor of palaeontology at Rogers State University - USA)
Melanie A. During

(Dutch vertebrate palaeontologist and author)
Pim Kaskes

(Specialist on the K-Pg extinction)


This evening will gather plenty of expertise for a fascinating yet light-hearted event, filled with fantastic stories, adventures during fieldwork and common passions. This evening will also exclusively feature 3 book signing sessions by Koen, Melanie & Harald so be sure to arrive on time and bring cash for book purchases. Live music will be brought by the harmony orchestra of Etterbeek in collaboration with the VUB orchestra. The entire evening will be brought together by our eloquent master of ceremonies: Wim Van Humbeeck. Most presentations will take place in English some will also be in Dutch.


DOORS: 19h00
START EVENT: 19h30  END: 23h15



Koen Stein
Koen Stein is one of Belgium's finest dinosaur experts and has a highly reputed international academic track record. As organiser of this event, Koen will discuss the evolution from chickens to Euparkeria in a fun and comprehensible way. Questions during the audience Q&A for Koen should be based on geochemistry, histology, dinosaur taxonomy, growth and evolution. Questions on amazing excavations and adventures are welcome as well.    

Harald Scheerlinck
Harald Scheerlinck (1989) is a journalist and radio producer for Radio2 and VRT NWS. He is also the host of his own nostalgic podcast. Storytelling is his passion and dinosaurs are a large part of that. Harald recently published a book on dinosaurs and their impact on popular culture. We don't dwell on it too often but the graphic and stylistic use of dinosaurs has exploded into our daily lives in recent years. Why that is and where we can find it, Harald will explain in detail during this lecture.


Anthonie Hellemond
As president of Palaeontologica Belgica and co-organiser of this event, Anthonie has been active for more than 25 years in Belgian paleontology Specialised in the early history of life on our planet as well as outreach, conservation and as an advocate for citizen and open science, Anthonie will discuss how to become a paleontologist in todays world. Even without a degree in paleontology you can actually contribute to important scientific research. Curious to know more? Feel free to ask during the Q&A sessions.

Melanie A. During
Nicknamed as one of the rising stars in Dutch paleontology, Melanie has recently been the  focus of interes within the international paleontological community. Especially since the apprearance of her latest book: "De laatste lente van de dinosauriërs" (loosly translated as: The Last Spring Of The Dinosaurs), she gained a lot of positive feedback and popularity amongst the public. During the Dinosaurs on Campus event she will be telling us all about the contents of her book as well as some personal stories of her career in the field. A special book signing moment will take place so make sure to come early (limited stock available).


Christen 'Chris' Shelton
Professor Shelton holds a bachelor’s in Geology from Midwestern State University, a master’s in biology from Midwestern State University and a doctorate in vertebrate paleontology/paleohistology from the University of Bonn in Germany. Shelton has been appointed as the Geology Chair for the Oklahoma Academy of Science. He is also an honorary Research Associate of the New Jersey State Museum’s Natural History Department. Dr. Shelton's keynote talk is entitled: Is Dimetrodon your favorite dinosaur? and will talk about the evolution of synapsids. MAke sure not to miss this unique conference.

Pim Kaskes
And last but not least dr. Pim Kaskes from the ULB will join us for the Q&A with the audience. As a Phd researcher dr. Kaskes was intensly involved in the study of the meteor crater that ended the reign of the dinosaurs ca. 66 Ma years ago. A recenty study in which he contributed, discovered that the dust and ashclouds after the impact played a very important role in the demise of the dinosaurs. If you want to know what exactly happens when a meteor the size of Mount Everest crashes into the earth, Pim can tell you every aspect and effect of such an event in high detail.


The ceremony will be led by our sympathetic host mr. Wim Van Humbeeck, science enthusiast and unofficial grandchild of John Hammond. A musical interludum will be performed by guest musicians of the Etterbeek Harmony orchestra in collaboration with the famous VUB orchestra.


This event is made possible by the support of Following organisations :

Brussels Studentengenootschap 'Geen Taal Geen Vrijheid' (BSG)



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