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Lectures, Presentations & Workshops

Education & Outreach

At Palaeontologica Belgica, we provide a whole series of general and specific paleontological lectures, presentations, demonstrations, workshops and debates that can be organised upon request. If you represent an organisation, academic research institution, school, professional enterprise or a cultural organisation, please take a look at our list of proposed activities that we can share at any time during the year.

All proposed activities have a fixed price with variable transportation costs. We can provide all materials (beamer, laptop, cables, pointers etc) if required. The only thing you'll have to organise is the audience and/or ticket sale. Promotional outreach can be organised in mutual collaboration if desired.


If a certain desired topic is not represented within the list, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Prices for custom made presentation to  however will be discussed according to the requirements of the activity. The translation of a lecture, workshop, demonstration, presentation or debate in Dutch French or English, does not come with an additional charge


Lectures, Presentations, Workshops & Debates

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Conservatie Noordzeefossielen VLIZ final.jpg

The Pleistocene Mammal collection of Nieuwdonk (Berlare) 

Conservation, restauration and treatment of Pleistocene fossils from Belgium

The Mammoth Of Dendermonde

Devonian vascular plants from the Belgian Condroz

The Famennian flora of Moresnet 

The Famennian flora, fauna and Ichnofauna of Spontin 

The Emsian 'Auf Schleid' Quarry near Steffeshausen (Burg-Reuland - Liège)

Preparation of the Frasnian Cephalopod fauna from Lompret

The Cretaceous turtles from Visé 

Citizen Science in (Belgian) Paleontology
Citizen Science & open science in Belgium

Life On Earth - A Synthesis Of 3.7 Ga of Biological developments

How To Become A Paleontologist in 2025?

The conservation of Northsea Fossils

The Zennegat Locality In Depth (Mechelen-Antwerp)

WORKSHOP: Ethics In Paleontology

Restitution In Paleontology

Building Bridges Between Collectors & Museums

All lectures can last between 30 minutes and 50 min depending on the request. After every presentation a Q/A session will be held.

Prices range between: 100-120 EUR / lecture + transport fee (€ 0,4259/km)

We provide a laptop, beamer, cables & pointer but no screen

Other topics are available upon request via e-mail or the contact form

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