As a part of our public outreach we invest a lot of time and effort into specific projects, ranging from setting up (temporary) expositions, performing restaurations, organising fieldschools and provide (online) courses and lectures. We also work on papers, books, articles, create specific software, set-up databases, educational video's and films. In the following list we provide an overview of all the past and current projects.  

13 March 2021 - Livestream PaleoTime-NL 

Together with our colleagues from the Trilolab collectivewe provided a live-stream on paleontological preparation techniques for the annual PaleoTime-NL event. This online edition was a first attempt bringing preparation techniques closer to the paleontological community. During this 8 hour long event, interviews, short documentaries and the live preparation of a Hollardops trilobite took place. Read all about it in our blog. You can re-watch the feed in this video 

12-16 April 2021 - Restoration of the Pleistocene mammal collection from Berlare (Nieuwdonk Quarry)

In a joint project between the municipality of Berlare (Oost-Vlaanderen) and Palaeontologica Belgica, a large collection of Pleistocene mammals will be restored and thoroughly cataloged for future scientific research. The restoration will take place in the cultural center 'CC Stroming' between 12-16th April. More info on the collection and the project can be found via this link. A daily blog will be available online, monitoring the progress of the project and our observations during the restoration and the media coverage during this time. 

Documentary 'Vroege Vogels' Dutch television (BNN-VARA) Het Zwin

On Wednesday 23rd june, a film crew from the BNN VARA docu-series 'Vroege Vogels' (early birds) Invited us to talk about the paleontological remnants that can be found in the "Zwin" Natural reserve along the Dutch-Belgian border. This unique wetland houses a complex mix of fossil, subfossil, and contemporary living organisms within a dynamic coastal setting. Although the majority of the fossils are found ex-situ, it is nevertheless a great educational location where the interaction between man and nature, climate change and sedimentology can be illustrated. The final video will be available after the summer.

Projects: 2021

  • Study of the Lengeler quarry (Pragian - Lower Devonian) Eupen-Malmedy  

  • Geological and paleontological study of the Bocq Valley (Namur)

  • Project on the Cretaceous deposits from the Montagne St. Pierre (Lanaye-Visé)

  • Pragian Zosterophylls from Belgium