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A New Paleontological Association Is Born

Bijgewerkt op: 15 okt. 2020

October 7th 2020: the Belgian official Journal published the creation of a new scientific organisation called 'Palaeontologica Belgica'. Following up on the official creation its online presence was established as well. This includes a website, a blog and social media pages. It's aim? Reaching out to the general public and bringing paleontology to the forefront of public debate.

The aim of this blog will be double. On one side it will act as a way of publishing short stories or picking up on articles and/or paleontological news that appeared online. On the other side it will also be the perfect tool to communicate our press releases with the world. We welcome all of our blog visitors and members to like, share and react to all topics by mail, Facebook comment or by leaving a message on the website. You can find all the necessary information on the contact section of our website.

Public outreach

As a science, paleontology has been in the background for far too long. In current times where climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the impact of our lifestyle on the planet is heavily debated, the paleontological community as a whole, should take it upon themselves to educate, inform and warn, politicians, policy-makers and the public about the recorded consequences in the fossil record.

This blog will be our small contribution to reach out, inform and hopefully educate all it's readers on diverse paleontological topics. In the coming weeks and months short posts will be added.

On behalf of the entire board of Paleontologica Belgica, we wish you a good and informative read. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Nov 13, 2020

Prachtig! De mensen achter dit project zijn allemaal gedreven en uitermate competente zielen. Ik wens ze alle succes toe met dit ambitieuze project en verwacht mooie dingen te zien! :)

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