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Palaeontologica Belgica Joins Forces

Bijgewerkt op: 8 jan. 2021

In a special assemblee, the Belgian Counsil of Earth Sciences (RAW-CST) approved the application of Palaeontologica Belgica vzw. as a permanent member in the Counsil. RAW-CST President Pierre Housen of the Geological association of Bernissart (CGH) is looking forward to future collaborations.

On friday 7th january 2021 Palaeontologica Belgica is officially indcuted as a permanent member of the Counsil for Earth Sciences. with all of the votes in favour, Pierre Housen congratulated the newcomers to the counsil.

Code of Ethics

The Deontological code of conduct as formulated by the RAW-CST counsil is an important tool to work with. It has been subscribed by all the members of the associations and is an ethical guidline as to how collectioning, fieldwork and prospection should be organised.

The Deontological code of conduct is one of the main reasons why we decided to become a member of the Council. Another important asset is the fact that we can meet between the boards of different belgian associations and discuss various topics. This forum is a indispensable practice to sustain dialogue between all Belgian geo-scientific organisations.

We would also like to encourage other associations to join the counsil and participate in the dialogue. Concordia res parvae crescunt (Unity Makes Strength).


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