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Bijgewerkt op: 12 jan. 2022

On 11th januari 2022 the annual board meeting voted in favour of the proposed adaptations of the AoA (Articles of Association) as communicated to all members by e-mail on 4th December 2021. The adaptations include various small grammatical changes, re-phrasing of sentences as well as changes to the objectives of our organisation. One of the most important changes, includes the official addition of 2 annual awards I.e. The Louis de Pauw and Palaeontologica Belgica Award (cf. Art. 3 – objectives §.8). Another important change can be found in §.7 of Art.3 (Objectives). Which instates the creation of workgroups (labs) within the Palaeontologica Belgica organisation.

The erection of future labs is described in the AoA as follows (translation in English):

“…By establishing working groups (hereafter called labs) that specialise in specific niches of palaeontology and within the framework of the objectives of Palaeontologica Belgica. The creation of a working group is of unlimited duration and should be requested and approved by the full board. The lab should consist of at least 2 persons of which 1 delegate will join the board of Palaeontologica Belgica after the approval procedure. All other nominated members then get the status of active member. Future members who want to join the lab have to join through the normal procedure (see Title II). The lab may have a separate name and logo but must always mention the reference to Palaeontologica Belgica as parent organisation. This reference has to be included explicitly in all external communication and realisations (papers, articles, publicity at fairs, events, lectures, presentations, mail traffic, etc.). The name of a new lab or a name change should always be submitted to the board of Palaeontologica Belgica and approved by a majority of votes. A lab can be dissolved or disbanded by the board of Palaeontologica Belgica or on request of all members of the lab during an (Extraordinary) General Meeting and this by a majority of all votes. The election of a (new) delegated board member from the lab, needs to be decided in an Extraordinary or General Meeting. A report on the working activities of the lab must be submitted. This must happen at least 2 meetings per working year. Any changes to originally approved conditions, agreements, etc. must be submitted to the board for approval before they are valid. submitted to the Board for approval before they are valid. Infringements may lead to individual or collective exclusion or dismissal. Intellectual property, produced during the active functioning of the lab within Palaeontologica Belgica, remains in the hands of the original authors. Even after dissolution or disentanglement, these works should always be visibly marked as made in collaboration with Palaeontologica Belgica…”

As from today, we officially communicate the establishment of our first specialised workgroup called ‘Trilolab’. Within this lab we welcome 3 new collaborators: Allart Van Viersen, Ivo Kesselaer and Frederik Lerouge. prior to the erection of our workgroup, the ‘Trilolab’ collective was already an active entity for many years and recently decided to join forces with Palaeontologica Belgica. Trilolab will continue their research, educational projects and mission within the framework of Palaeontologica Belgica. We wish to welcome dr. Frederik Lerouge as a permanent member of the executive board. We are looking forward to future projects as a growing organisation. Other labs will be created in the near future.

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